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Nutrition Consult


Kim Hoff, Pharm D

BS in Nutrition, Certified Diabetic Educator


    Having a hard time reducing your weight, difficulty reducing your appetite? Failing to control your blood sugar:   These are the issues that Kim can help you with.

      For many years Kim has helped individuals like yourself that just need that extra little help to either get started or achieve their goals.


    More Info About Kim And Why She Can Help You


    My name is Kimberly Hoff born and raised in small hometown of Perryville, Missouri, graduating in 1994 from Perryville High as salutatorian. At that time moved to Cape Girardeau and began undergraduate degree of Biology and Chemistry, accomplishing in 1998 with summa cum laude standings.  Following completion, married and moved to St. Charles to begin pharmacy bachelor’s degree at St. Louis College of Pharmacy finishing as valedictorian in May 2002 and licensed in August 2002, starting with Walgreens.  Proceeding with education, received doctorate in pharmacy in 2008 from University of Florida with summa cum laude standings, board certification in pharmacotherapy in 2009, ambulatory care in 2011, certified diabetes education in 2012, masters in medication management from University of Florida in 2014 with summa cum laude standings, and bachelors in nutrition from Kaplan University with summa cum laude standings in 2016. 

                Currently, experience is varied.  Employed with Walgreens as Medication Therapy Management and Clinical Advisor for the St. Louis region.  In addition, work as needed as a Mercy pharmacist for Lincoln County Memorial Hospital in Troy, Missouri.  Experience also entails precepting for St. Louis College of Pharmacy students, writing for Health and Wellness of St. Louis Journal, coordinating and presenting various topics for OASIS, TOPS, and SINGLES, and fitness groups, and conducting and educating monthly diabetic support groups.  Along with this experience, participating in active volunteering at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Crisis Nursery Center, Progress West, and Chapel of Cross church occurs.  Most significant is playing the mother role of a two year old daughter.  Sharing this responsibility is priceless.

                Education and experience stem from a passionate desire for patient care, which is priceless as well.  Empowering and servicing others to an improved quality of life is actively pursued.   Applying all the years of experience and education to assist others in enhancing his/her life is an enjoyable career.  Thus, the available services are listed below.  What assistance do you need? 


    Call 636-278-6561 For An Appointment


                       Diabetes consults

                    Disease pathology

                    7 Healthy Habits

                    Problem Solving

                    Coping Skills

                      Healthy eating


                     Physical activity

                     Taking medication


                     Reducing risks

                     Continual follow-ups

                     Weight loss Assistance

                     Diet plans

                        Exercise regimens

                      Medication Therapy Management

                      Understanding medications

                       Reducing medication quantity

                       Eliminating therapy duplications

                        Eliminating therapy interactions













    Confused?  Tired of trying to figure out what is right to eat?  Need a jump start?  Or maybe you know what to do, but need practical steps to accomplish your goals.  Check out the Practical Health Education Sessions. In an hour you could be on your way to a healthier lifestyle that will help any disease process and build a solid foundation for a healthy family.  There is a private Session for everyone, learn in person, on the phone, at your home or even in the grocery store!


Appointment Information


    Thank you for your interest in wanting to get healthier.  Your consult can be done in person at The Medicine Shoppe, by telephone, or in your home (an extra 10.00 charge applies per home session). 

    Appointment times vary, so please call or email to find out availability and make your appointment.  “Contact”  

    See Practical Health Education for Session Plans suitable to your needs.

    It is highly suggested that you complete an Awareness Journal before taking any Practical Health Education Sessions, so take into consideration 7 days when making your appointment.  Directions  for the Awareness Journal .

    Please fill out a Confidential History Form and either fax or submit them to Denise Graham prior to your appointment date.  

    Telephone consults need to be prepaid by credit card by calling The Medicine Shoppe, you can also drop off cash or check there before your appointment.  I will contact you, so please be available at a place you can concentrate and give the correct number to be reached at. You will be charged if I can not get a hold of you. 

    Telephone consults are by appointment.

    ****Cancellations need to be done 24 hours in advance or you will be charged the Session fee.


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