Practical Health Education Series



The following Sessions are 1 hour long. 

Cost: $45.00

            Please keep in mind that all topics may not be covered in full due to the needs and special attention given to each individual.  Additional, optional, sessions may be needed to cover the topics more in depth.

            All services are guaranteed.  If you do not feel you learned something you can use to improve your health, you will be refunded.


Open Time

Take the time to talk all about you and learn to make choices that will help you be the person you want to be and have the energy to do it.  Begin practical steps to health and know you are worth it!


Family Plan I

Understand what food is and does for us.  Food label comprehension.  Learning what to avoid and how to be a smart consumer.  Plan to succeed – one week of meal plans.  Recipe conversions.

***Optional activities:  Awareness Journal.  Bring in your own favorite recipes to convert them to even healthier versions.


Family Plan II  (prerequisite Family Plan I)

Personal empowerment and understanding.  Learn to explore different food choices.  Incorporate healthy changes in family.  Plan to succeed – two weeks of meal plans.  Awareness Journal must be done to gain better understanding and empowerment.


Grocery Store Shop & Learn

Come with your weekly list and learn how to make the best choices for health.  Learn to understand labels and what to avoid.  Understand marketing skills and the traps of fake “healthy” food.  Be able to bring great food choices into your home without the family making a fuss.  Learn to save money on healthy choices.


Stress Relief

Understand and learn the health consequence of stress.  Prioritize life.  Steps of restoration and practical stress relief ideas.


Habit Rehaul

Complete an Awareness Journal.  Acquire greater insight to habits unconsciously and consciously developed and effect on overall health.  Complete a fiber test.  Learn steps to increase fiber and filtered water intake.  Empowerment of choice.  Begin strengthening your Will “muscle”.


Optimal Eating Plan for Cancer Recovery

Understand the role nutrition plays in our body’s recovery and rebuilding after and during cancer treatments.  Learn how to eat to help your body heal and stay healthy.  An Awareness Journal needs to be completed.


Reversing Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious disease and not something to take lightly. Experience the power you have in reversing Type II Diabetes with diet.  Learn the scientific proven way to reverse diabetes.  Understand your body better and how to feed it to perform at its best.  An Awareness Journal needs to be completed.


Heart Health

Learn the scientific proven way to reverse heart disease.  Take the valuable time to invest in your heart health and live longer to love others.




Package Plans


A New Lifestyle                                                                                                         Cost $250.00

Includes 5 “weeks” or 5 one hour sessions, 5/5 minute check up calls.  Email support.


Learn to be your own self detective, experience and discover why you eat and where your habits have come from.  Commit to learn and understand food, proper use, label reading, eating out and wise choices.  Be empowered to take responsibility for your health.  Learn and develop healthier habits.  Plan meals and convert favorite recipes to increase health.  Take control of your body, exercise, and be held accountable.  Embrace your thought and explore the importance of all aspects of health.  Learn to feed your body, mind and soul.


Positive Buddy for MY New Lifestyle                                                                      Cost $400.00

Includes 10 “weeks” or 10 one hour sessions, 10/5 minute check up calls.  Email support.


More in depth study of a New Lifestyle.  Gain better habits for a lifetime.