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Compounding :

Compounding medications are individually formulated to meet the specific health care issues of each patient.  (Customized for that patient).  Each patient treated as an individual with different needs as to route of administration, flavor, strength of the medication.   We know that when medication is taken as directed people (and pets) have a better chance of getting and staying well.   That medication can't do what it is intended if for some reason you can't or won't take it.   Each patient has different needs, to determine those needs a close relationship between the patient, physician, and the pharmacist is crucial.

Our specially trained pharmacists and technicians use only the latest in precision equipment, and high grade pharmaceutical grade chemicals.   We also can locate those hard to find products, discontinued medications and formulations.

When the needs of a patient cannot be met with conventional dosage forms, our pharmacist work with the prescribing physician to find a solution.  Customization of strength is just one of the many reasons that a prescription may be compounded.  For Example: if a patient cannot swallow tablets, our pharmacists have the ability to compound most medications as a liquid, lozenges, lollipop, transdermal gels, suppository, even a rapid dissolving tablet.    Our pharmacists often use this capability to assist veterinarians in creating solutions when commercially available products fail to meet the need.

Typically we will custom compound in order to: improve patient compliance by altering flavors or dosage forms and or strength.  Provide a medication that has been discontinued.  Medications for those sensitive patients that cannot tolerate dyes, preservatives, allergens or fillers found in commercial products, for example lactose or gluten and or casein free medications.


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