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Hormone Consult Program Overview

This program has been designed to help you begin your journey to bioidentical hormone replacement.   We will work with you to approach your physician to get the treatment you desire.

Program will consist of a complete consultation with our consultant pharmacist and we will evaluate your symptoms and lab work or determine which hormones need testing.   We will then write a complete clinical consult to present to your doctor, or we will contact your doctor for you to obtain a prescription(s) for bioidentical hormones.   If your doctor refuses to prescribe BHRT after our reviewing our assessment we will provide you with referrals to a physician that will.

A consult will last 30 - 60 minutes.  The fee for that consult is $60.00.  Payment is requested by credit card, check or cash  for the consultation fee and hormone saliva test kit at the conclusion of the consult.  You may also purchase your own saliva test kit on line or from another provider and we will still do an assessment for you for the regular consult fee.   

Procedure for a Consult

When you arrive for your consult we would like a brief medical history .  We request you arrive about 10-15 minutes earlier than your appointment time to complete this medical history.  If you wish to save time and complete the medical history before your appointment you may either print off a copy from this site and bring it with to your appointment, or submit it directly to us.

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