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Compounding for Foot Care


For Pain :


  • Foot ailments can be caused by variety of reasons, surgery, broken bones arch pain and sprains.
  • We make anti-inflammatory products that can be applied directly to the site of the pain for relief while not interfering with other drug therapy.   Those anti-inflammatory products can reduce inflammation without the usual side effects of GI upset interactions with other drug products

Toenail or Foot Fungus:


  • Many drugs for nail fungus are very expensive, sometimes not covered by insurance carriers, have possible liver complications, costly blood tests  and other side effects.
  • We can make anti-fungal's that can be applied directly to the affected site and avoid many drug interactions and side effects normally associated with anti-fungal therapy.

Medications for Warts :


  • If you have ever had a plantar's wart you know how painful they can be and how costly and troublesome to eliminate.  
  • We make wart creams that don't BURN the wart away with caustic acids that can make sores or even more painful areas.
  • We can eliminate that wart without destroying the tissue around the site of the wart without the sores or creating another problem, especially important for diabetic patients that cannot afford to have a possible ulcer erupt.
  • We can gently and effectively eliminate those pesky, troublesome warts.

Painful Neuropath:


  • We can make a variety of transdermal penetrating creams to help alleviate the pain of neuropathy without sedating nerve conduction medications.
  • Pain response improvement and no compromise on reflexes or sedation.


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