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Compounding For Sports


Sprains & Strains


  • During the course of training or over training those times will come from sore muscles, ligaments and joints and tendons.
  • Working with your physician we help to get you back on track off the disabled list quicker.



  • Whether it's plantar facitis, calf cramping, sore feet or knees, when can help alleviate pain and restore flexibility for whatever medication you physician recommends.   By customizing the dose for you, and alternative dosage forms we can help to get you back on the road again as soon as possible.

Whether Training or Exercising


  • Whether you are training for that marathon or just working out to get in shape, we can work with your physician to keep you going to meet those goals.
  • Pain relief, reduction of inflammation, increasing that flexibility due to an injury our compounding pharmacist will find solutions to help your physician get you back into the thick of it.




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